Felonies & Misdemeanors

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Crimes classified as felonies and misdemeanors in the state of Michigan can be very harmful to your future. Understanding the variety of penalties with Michigan’s laws regarding violent crime, alcohol-related offense, drug-related crime, sexual offense, theft, and/or weapon charge is a serious matter that should be handled with an experienced defense attorney.

Alcohol Related Charges

DUI Charges can severely limit a client’s quality of opportunity and livelihood. Michigan law enforcement often refer to these charges as OWI or Operating While Intoxicated. It is synonymous with DUI for all intended purposes. Michigan DUI penalties vary according to the blood alcohol content and circumstance. Most result in the charged paying a fine and losing license privileges for a time.

Drug Crimes

Michigan is a state known for being especially severe with penalizing drug crimes. Charges are categorized as trafficking, possession with intent, possession, money laundering, and conspiracy manufacturing.

Michigan applies five (I-V) different “schedules” to classify controlled substances. Penalties will hinge on the “schedule” of substance the charged possesses. Michigan often gives a first time possession offender probation, but a second and subsequent offender found with a schedule I or II substance will be sentenced to life in prison. Find out more about how to fight Michigan’s staunch drug penalties with Jeffrey E. Clothier

Violent Crimes

Murder: Michigan penalizes homicide aggressively. The penalties depend on the degree of murder or case of manslaughter. Expect to sustain a serious sentence, and for this reason you should seek an experienced defense lawyer.

Aggravated Assault: Michigan laws tend to assign 93 days to a year / year and a half of jail time for simple and aggravated assault charges, depending on the number of offenses.

Armed robbery and Kidnapping: A crime committed with a deadly weapon is a felony in Michigan. A felony charge will receive jail time up to life in prison depending on the case. 

Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenses can seriously mar an individual’s life. Offenses include rape, child molestation, child pornography, or computer pornography. Jeffrey E. Clothier understands the intricacies of these charges. Michigan sex crime penalties fall in four degree categories.

1st degree: A felony that results in life in prison and mandatory sex offender registration.

2nd and 3rd degree: Felony charges with up to 15 years in prison and mandatory sex offender registration.

4th degree: A misdemeanor with two years in prison and up to $500 in fees.

Theft and Forgery Offenses

Michigan treats forgery, especially those involving financial documents, with one to seven years of jail time. Theft laws in Michigan relate directly to the amount or worth of the stolen good(s). Stolen motor vehicles or trailers, etc. are classified as felonies. All charges can be penalized with a fine, imprisonment, or both.

Jeffrey E. Clothier has worked as a defense attorney for more than two decades. He understands Michigan laws and court systems and can help during your trial. As a top-rated trial lawyer, Jeffrey E. Clothier has made defending felony and misdemeanor charges a main focus of his professional life.