Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes Lawyer

Jeffrey E. Clothier has over twenty years of experience representing individuals who have been accused of a crime. Federal crime trial and appellate cases can often take aggressive defense strategies. There are several different types of crimes that qualify under the federal label.

Violent Crimes

The FBI’s designations of violent crimes are, in descending order of seriousness, murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Violent crimes also include property theft, including burglary and theft of a motor vehicle.

Drug and Drug Related Crimes

Possession, trafficking, intent to distribute, manufacturing, and conspiracy to sell illegal controlled substances all qualify as serious federal drug charges. Each of these qualifications implies different and specific sets of legal ramifications.


Often associated with organized crime, this federal crime involves offering dishonest services as a solution to a problem that does not actually exist. The RICO Act has identified thirty-five activities as a racketeering crime.

White Collar Crime

These crimes are defined as nonviolent, committed by business or government professionals, and/or individuals with a high or respectable status.


This rather broad term covers a wide range of financially related crimes. They include identity theft, embezzlement (stealing money or property entrusted to an individual), money laundering (moving illicitly gained funds into legitimate channels), and tax evasion.

Sexual Offenses

Federal sex laws are multi-faceted with different consequences. These laws include aggravated sexual assault by force, threat, or other means (including but not limited to rendering the victim unconscious). These laws also include any sexual act related to minors (including abuse), as well as many others unrelated to minors or force.

Cyber Crimes

This relatively new and changing federal crime involves crime wherein a computer is the object of a crime, such as spamming, phishing, or hacking. Cyber crimes also include offenses where a computer is a key tool in the act.

Firearm and Firearm Possession Related Offenses

The laws regarding firearms in Michigan are important for any gun owner to understand. Firearm offenses, including illegal possession and carrying on certain premises, are taken very seriously by the state.